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Helping people in Covid19 lock-down, knowing if they have CoronaVirus symptoms - And if they do, to guide them to seek medical aid and alert local medical authorities.

Finding out what are Covid19 symptoms and which one we can track from people' smart speakers.
WE learned which smart speaker technology can identify cough & sneeze & the difference between them.

We made a Google assistant app that react to "Achoo!" and after 3 times per day, opens up and asks users for their body temperature and guide them if they feel sick or having more than 39c body temperature. Align to this, we tested some sound bites of sneeze & cough and found a way to differentiate between them, by using ML codes on the visual of those sounds.

Past work

Instagram doesn't let retailers add links to their posts, blocking seamless shopping experience
for "impulse shopping" consumers - losing revue for retailers that want to convert their massive Instagram followers into more sales.

After learning consumers shopping behavior in Pinterest and diving into Instagram API, I crafted a cloud-based SaaS that match up the right item's page to the right post, making users click "link in bio" and redirect (in less than 90 nano seconds) straight to the item's page. With any need to search or any extra registration.

Users loved it: 8X more CTR. We've made 26% growth to John Lewis traffic (from IG to site) - in 1 month.

Best Retail Startup in Europe - Google for Entrepreneur.
And we got into Nat West & Ignite Accelerators. And won John Lewis Investment.


There a growth in Knife crimes in London streets. People live in fear while gangs take advantage of no-weapon police officers. The challenge here was to find a digital way to alert the police, when there is a knife crime ASAP.

After doing a research on the "signals" that comes up when there is a knife crime event, I found an insight that people run as fast as they can, spreading the scene.

We tested a "fit bit" device to find the difference of jugging and running panic. And we've accomplished that: so from now on, any "fit bit" will alert the police the second people ran away form a knife crime scene. This way the police can get to the scene earlier than the current solution, when a victim is hurt and other people see that and call the police.